If you are in need of some reorganization...Sarah is your gal...she's transformative! It feels amazing to have a place (out of sight!) for all my things! She helped me cart out 10 bags of clothes/shoes and find space in our limited room for all my necessities & you guys...10 garbage bags!!! It feels great!


I cannot thank you enough Sarah!!!! This was by far the best I’ve felt about my bedroom... ever! I was excited and nervous at the task of going through all the crap I had held onto over the years, but you made it so easy to part with things I thought were going to be hard! Yay!!! And it feels so good to love looking at the space that is supposed to be a haven away from the littles! You have a wonderful gift of organization ... a million thanks!


Life gets so busy that it’s hard to stay organized sometimes- or to even know that there’s a different way of organizing that may be more efficient or practical than what you’re currently doing. Thanks for the tips! I really appreciate your input.

-Virtual Client